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Adventures of MooneyAngelo
Monday, January 09, 2006
Blind Leading the Blind

I saw two Venetian blinds,
walking one behind the other.
Straight across an open field,
They were looking for their Mother.

I heard them say they were going to check,
the local lost and found.
I would think she is on a window somewhere.
Securely hanging around.

I do not believe that there is much,
that these two can find.
Cause this is the perfect example of
the blind leading the blind.

That is too cute! Nice work my friend.
Lois Lane
I just love that, it's a cute story. You are very good my friend.
That's cute. Do you draw the pictures too?
First time caller, here. What do we have here, a children's book in the making? Very cool.
Loved it! Nice site
First visit to your blog. Great stuff, you are very talented.
Take care,
I love your Humor!! love it love it!

Fresh and original is hard to find.
will be back!
came in via blogexplosion.
zThat is great! Good start to the morning.
Good for a nursery class.
The kids will love the story.
Plus the morality.
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