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Adventures of MooneyAngelo
Monday, April 11, 2005
NightLight in My Pudding
There’s a nightlight in my pudding,
There’s a pencil in my pie.
There’s an action figure in the toilet,
Please don’t ask me why.

There’s a cell phone in the trashcan,
There’s dried milk on the TV set.
And in the slot to the VCR,
There’s a toothbrush, not a cassette.

There’s Tupperware in the toy box,
There are toys where the Tupperware goes.
There’s a paintbrush in my underwear drawer,
How it got there, no one knows.

There are Fruit Loops in my sneaker,
There are crackers in my shoe.
I cannot open the telephone book,
It is stuck together with glue.

The cookie jar is filled with pretzels,
And the pretzel bag filled with chips.
Where the hell did the cookies go?
Must be in the fridge with the mustard and dip.

My flowerbeds are full of balls,
My garage is a hockey rink
My back yard is a driving range,
There is sand inside my drink.

My garden hose is used as a weapon,
My mower is an enemy tank.
My driveway is used as an artist’s canvas
My toolbox is used as a bank.

My little kids act like super hero’s,
I have Batman and Spiderman too.
And now my wife thinks she is Wonderwomen,
What am I supposed to do.

Written By John M
Copyright 2003

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