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Adventures of MooneyAngelo
Thursday, May 26, 2005
I Am The Cupboard
I don’t feel good, no I don’t
I have emptiness, deep inside.
This is not the way it is meant to be,
But I have nothing left to hide.

My surroundings are white, very plain
My shelves they hang all alone.
My floor it holds a couple of crumbs.
Other than that, I’m dry as a bone.

I’m supposed to be the most popular space
Used more than any cabinet or drawer
But I have been abandoned lately,
Cause someone won’t go to the store.

The kids, they used to come to me
Whenever they wanted a snack.
They would take what they wanted, then run away
But I knew they would soon be back

The Dad is great; he would hang out for a while
He would just stand at the door and stare.
It would take him some time to make a choice
But his favorite stuff was always there.

There used to be a pretty good schedule
I was replenished at least once a week
But now the weeks have turned to months
And I feel that I have to speak.

There are hungry people in this house
And their sad faces are really a shame
But I will no longer sit here, totally empty
And be the one that they blame

I have nothing left inside myself
Except some olive oil and some salt
I am The Cupboard, yes I am
But my emptiness is not my fault

But I know who’s fault it is.


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