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Adventures of MooneyAngelo
Monday, November 07, 2005
Screw Driver

I was cruising down the road,
Not going very fast.
When over to the left,
A sports car went on past.

I turned my head just slightly,
And saw it was midnight blue.
And much to my surprise,
It was being driven by a screw.

He had commend of the vehicle,
His skills they really showed.
As he twisted, and turned his way,
Down the winding road.

He obviously had his license,
The Screw Driver did everything right.
He obeyed every traffic sign.
And stopped at every light.

I like this one too, but my fav so far is the fishing boat. This is great stuff! Very "Shel Silverstein" You should think about getting it published. Maybe at least for your own kids. I think its great! Stacie
as an arteeest myself I have to ask; What kind of markers do you use to get such vibrant work???
Island Artist,
Good old fashion Crayola Markers.

When I scanned the pictures I had to tweak the image a bit to get it to the orignal look.
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